Beach Football
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Singer Islandís

"Pass Attack"

Beach Flag Football

To Benefit


Date: March 2, 2003

Check-In: 8:00 AM

Captainís Meeting: 8:30 AM

Games Start: 9:00 AM

Location: Municipal Beach Park at Ocean Mall, Singer Island

Entry Fee: $200 per team (up to 8 players) in advance. Deadline February 21, 2003. Limited to the first 24 teams. First come, first serve. $225.00 per team after February 21, 2003. No registration day of tournament.

Awards: Awards to the first and second place winners

Amenities: Tournament T-shirt to all pre-registered individuals, players pack, water and post race refreshments.

Directions: I-95 to Blue Heron Blvd, east over the Blue Heron Bridge to third light. Turn right at Oceanís Mall and park.

Volunteers: Volunteers are needed to help officiate the games. All volunteers will receive an official tournament T-shirt.

Format: 4 Man Beach Flag Football

Field of Play: 50 yards by 30 yards with 8-yard end zones.

Pass Attack Rules:

  • No Contact Allowed
  • No Blocking (Screen Blocks are allowed)
  • A coin toss determines first possession
  • Ball must be snapped between the legs to start play.
  • The offensive team takes possession of the ball at their 5-yard line and has four (4) plays to score.
  • If the offensive team fails to score, possession of the ball changes and the opposite team starts their drive from the 5-yard line. All offensive possession start from the same spot and the ball moves in the same direction.
  • Each time the ball is spotted a team has 30 seconds to snap the ball. Teams will receive one warning before a Delay of Game penalty is enforced.


  • Cleats or hard sole shoes are not allowed. Players may wear soft sole tennis shoes, aqua socks or play barefoot.
  • Shirts must be tucked into shorts.

Player Changes:

  • Player changes to the roster must be made prior to the start of the first game.
  • No player changes will be accepted after the first scheduled game and player changes will not be accepted due to injury.

Offensive Team:

  • The ball may only be advanced by a forward pass across the line-of-scrimmage.
  • No running of the ball across the line-of-scrimmage.
  • The ball must be snapped between the legs to the Quarterback. No direct snaps. The ball must travel at least three (3) yards.
  • The Quarterback may hand-off, pitch or laterals the ball to another player. However, that player must forward pass the ball across the line-of-scrimmage to another player to be legal.
  • All players are eligible to receive passes, including the QB when he hands-off, pitches or laterals the ball to another player on his team.
  • Only one player may be in motion at a time.
  • Players must have at least one foot to be in bounds. No dragging the boundary line rope.

Play is ruled dead when:

  • The Offensive playerís flag is pulled
  • When the ball carrier steps out-of-bounds.
  • Touchdown is scored.
  • At point of interception (interceptions returns are not allowed).
  • Ball carrierís knee, hand or the ball hits the ground.
  • Ball carriers flag belt falls off and the ball carriers is touched by a defensive player.
  • Receivers flag belt falls off and the ball is caught. The ball is spotted where the reception is made.
  • There are no fumbles. The ball is dead and spotted where it hits the ground.

Defensive Team:

  • The defensive team must have at least one player rushing each down. A team may have more than one rusher if they wish.
  • All defensive players must be at least one- (1) yards off the line-of-scrimmage.
  • The rush count is three (3) seconds. The Head Referee will count the rush count as done in basketball. When the referee utters the word three (3) and raises his hand, the defensive team may rush.
  • Once a ball has been passed, handed-off or pitched a player may rush.


  • Games are played to 40 points or 24 minutes, whichever comes first.
  • TD = 6-points, PAT = 1-point (3 yards out); 2 Ėpoints (8 yards out), Safety = 2-points, interceptions = 3=points.
  • Safety and interceptions result in the opposite team taking possession at the 5-yard line.
  • The first team on defense will have one last possession in the score is within 8-points of their opponents.
  • Tie-breakers: Teams will alternate (equal turns) one play each from the 8-yard line until there is a

Time Outs:

  • Each team has one (1) :60-second time out in which the clock stops.
  • Injury timeouts the injured player must leave the field and a substitute player will replace him. The opposite team may substitute a player as well.
  • Officials can stop the clock at their own discretion.


  • If the referee or any official of the event witness any acts of tackling, elbowing, cheap shots, blocking or any other act of unsportsmanship like conduct, the game will be stopped and the player may be ejected from the game or the tournament. Foul play and any unnecessary roughness will not be tolerated.
  • Trash talking is illegal. Officials have the right to determine language, which is offensive to opposing players, spectators or officials. Cursing is not allowed.